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Sleek, blackened, and semi-transparent, the Urban EDC F5.5 in Jade G10 is finally here. Designed alongside our friend and custom knife maker extraordinaire, Jesper Voxnaes – this knife exceeded all our expectations. And look good doing it. 

Inspired by the endless versatility of a sailor's (or in this case, elite stormtrooper's) knife and based on the highly sought-after custom Vox F5, the Urban EDC F5.5 hits the sweet spot between Jesper's minimalistic sensibilities and his mastery of maximizing a blade's functionality. 

Designed with exploration in mind, the Urban EDC F5.5 is smaller and more compact than the custom Vox F5 and equipped with a stout, 2.7" M390 blade steel, with the iconic Vox modified sheepsfoot shape. It also features a blacked-out finish for enhanced wear resistance and stealthiness. 

Intentionally robust, the blade stock is 4mm thick, which gives it outstanding strength and stability. Paired with the impeccably flat-ground cutting edge, the Urban EDC F5.5 excels at everything from slicing and precision work to chopping, piercing, and other heavy-duty chores that other blades shy away from.

Inspiring maximum confidence in hand, the lightweight natural G10 scales are designed to fill your hand – yet possess enough affordance to be held and handled in a variety of ways.  On top of that, the pop of the blacked-out hardware peeking through the Jade G10 makes for a ghostly cool skeletonized look.

The Urban EDC F5.5 also comes with a generous finger choil that allows you to choke up on the blade for maximum leverage and control – which is especially useful for precision and detailed cuts. 

Flawlessly functional, impressively compact, and beautiful to hold and behold – the Urban EDC F5.5 offers up all the performance and attention to detail of a custom blade without the need to break the bank. To top it off, there will be a minimalistic Vox / Urban EDC compass collaboration logo to celebrate this highly anticipated release.

And if we may say so ourselves, the Urban EDC F5.5 might just be Jesper's best design yet – and we are pretty darn confident that you will agree once you get this bad boy in hand. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this before they are gone for good.

  • Designed by Jesper Voxnaes
  • Inspired by the versatile sailor's knife
  • Evolved from the highly sought-after custom Vox F5
  • Ultra-beefy M390 blacked-out blade 
  • Thumb-hole for quick deployment
  • Finger choil for choking up on the blade
  • Lightweight jade G10 scales
  • Sturdy liner-lock construction
  • Nested Ti liners for extra strength
  • Matching titanium screws and hardware
  • Both washers and ceramic pivot make for silky smooth action
  • Special Vox / Urban EDC compass collaboration logo
  • Blade length: 2.7" (6.85cm)
  • Blade thickness: 0.15" (0.40cm)
  • Handle thickness: 0.46" (15.24cm)
  • Overall length: 7" (17.78cm)
  • Closed length: 4" (10.16cm)
  • Width: 1.3" (3.30cm)
  • Weight: 3.2 oz
  • Made in China

Customer Reviews

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Kyle Owen
Love this knife

Nice smooth action.

The detent 9/10
Rockets but can be slightly stiff to release, but only slightly, so it loses a point. I've had some folders that you can only thumb-flick & not reverse finger-flick because the initial disengage is too stiff, and this definitely is NOT that, but there are times my middle finger gets a little tired if I'm fiddling with it. Sometimes the sound is really satisfying too, if I was to batman-comic write it, you occasionally get a nice 'thwack'! Especially when you thumb-flick it straight up. Can thumb out to the side too.

Handle 9/10
The G-10 is slightly see through which I think adds to the uniqueness of each knife. You can't petina like micarta with G10, so it's nice it comes with a little personality out of the box. Fits my hand great although I've knocked a point off because the finger choil is abruptly ended but he handle

8/10 sharp - I had worse from factory, but I've had better too - and from manufacturers people sometimes criticise because they have lots of cheap offerings. So Urban EDC can maybe have a word with their manufacturer, but It was pretty good.

Took off the clip and rubbed it with compound and strop to make it a touch smoother in and out of the pocket, but the clip is ok - 6/10

m390 - top notch, speaks for itself.