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Product Care Guide

Caring for tools is an essential task to keep everything running smoothly and to extend the longevity of the tool.

Here is a helpful video from Taylor Martin on knife maintenance.



Caring for your new flashlight

Looking after your new flashlight is a pretty easy affair.

Before using your new flashlight, it is important to charge the battery before you start using the light. On most lights, the head and/or tail can be screwed off and there is normally an O-ring there at the end of the threads to keep the internals of the light sealed away from moisture and dust/debris. We recommend to occasionally lubricate that O-ring with silicone grease to keep the seal in good condition and prevent friction when screwing the torch apart/putting it back together.

If your light has a usb/charging cable port on the side, please make sure that the dust cap is on when you're not charging the light, this is to prevent things like dust/debris, pocket lint and water getting in.