Aurora A28 Gen 2

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Don't be left out in the dark, The RovyVon A28 is the perfect flashlight to carry daily so you always have light when you need it most. Perfectly sized and perfectly functional, the A28 has all you need.

The Aurora A28 Gen 2 has the following updates over the old A28 model:
  • USB-C recharging
  • Larger battery from 600mAh to 850mAh capacity
  • Dual switch, user-friendly
  • Lockout mode
  • Instant access to moonlight and turbo mode
  • 3 LEDs on the side
  • Detachable, two-way, and magnetic pocket clip

The A28 G2 Double switch design makes operating the light straight forward and easy.
The top button controls the main light and its functions, the switch controls the side lights and their functions. The Gen 2 keeps the unique glow in the dark battery case feature so you can easily locate this light in the dark.

Choose CREE emitter for a higher, cooler output or Nichia for a neutral white with high CRI (Accurate colour rendering).


Length 76mm
Diameter 21.5mm
Weight 50.2g
Max Output 1000 lumens (Cree)
Min Output 0.5 lumens
Beam Distance 150m
Impact Resistance 1.5m
Water Resistance IPX8
Battery 850 mAh
Material/Finish polycarbonate / Stainless steel bezel

Customer Reviews

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EDC Work light

Purchased a 219 with white, red and UV. I didn't fully grasp how GOOD this light would be. The rare earth magnet on the clip in fantastic, stick the light where you need it and use either the white side light or main light to do your job. The red has a pulsed strobe function for a tail or warning light. The UV is excellent for hydraulic oil leaks. Battery lasts a week for industrial maintenance work.

Just buy one.