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The RPT (Rogan Pocket Tool) is a rugged, pocket sized, EDC friendly pry bar, that’s unlike any pocket tool out there. This is the smallest size in the Rogan range.

Small prybars have become a staple for most peoples every day carry setup. Our MUTT™️ RPT has a simple, rugged, straight forward design thats ready for work and not trying to be anything else. Made out of the same high carbon steel as it’s bigger brothers, our RPT is the strongest prybar on the market today.
The RPT makes a great companion to any folding knife or multi tool, save your knife for cutting fine things and let the RPT handle the rest!

Optional paracord can be wrapped around handle and can easily be replaced. We include directions on how to wrap the handle. Paracord is included. 

  • Made in the USA
  • 5/32in (4mm) thick, 3/4in (19mm) wide and ~5in (127mm) long.
  • Made of high carbon steel. 
  • Paracord is provided to wrap your own handle. 
  • Grip tape is included. Used to keep the paracord wrap in place. 
  • Each unit is crafted by hand. 
  • Is NOT knife sharp due to its main purpose of digging and prying. 
  • Tool is molle compatible 
  • Weight 2.6oz

Available in 2 different packages

- RPT Pry Bar with 8oz crazy horse leather slip and lanyard, made in the USA by Badger Claw Outfitters, + length of black Paracord.


- RPT Pry Bar with Kydex Sheath, Steel clip + length of paracord.

The leather slip is handmade in the USA, it is heavy duty and high quality! Please note that the slip will be really tight at first, this is so it breaks in perfectly with a nice snug fit.

The RPT Pry bars are made from hardened high carbon steel. This means that they are considerably stronger than hardened stainless steel or Titanium, but unlike stainless or Ti, high carbon steel will develop surface oxidation, especially in humid environments. So it's best to keep it dry, use it regularly and maintain the surface.

Customer Reviews

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Mark M.
Mutt RPTT Prybar

Fantastic prybar, its size is perfect for edc jobs, well made and leather pouch all quality, thanks to adventure carry for making this brand available in Australia