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Calling all Kizer Clutch Lock fans! After the massively successful Drop Bear launch, Kizer have brought us the next Clutch Lock design, the Escort. A classic Dirk Pinkerton design, brought back with Kizers fantastic new lock system.

With an 84mm long drop point blade crafted from 154CM steel, you know that this blade means business.
The scales of this newest model are made from Richlite, which is composited from paper pulp mixed with resin and compressed with heat. An awesome and unique material hard to find on budget knives, its more common on very high end production knives. Water resistant and very tough, originally developed for aircraft drop boxes in WW2.

There's a whole lot to be excited over with Kizer's Axis/Clutch Lock. It features:

  • D-Shape Pivot (Secure Pivot, perfect blade centering)
  • DED System (Scales can be removed without complete knife disassembly, to quickly and easily adjust the spring tension for the lock)
  • Gemini Spring System (Spring tension of the lock can be easily adjusted, as well as different spring grades added)

What does that all mean? Well, you get an Axis lock knife which can be easily disassembled to tune the springs to the exact tension you prefer. Less tension for the fidgeters and a tighter tune for those who want to use this as a daily tool.

You can find the premium Aluminium/20CV clutch lock Escort Here


Total Length 198mm
Closed Length (Handle) 114mm
Blade Length 84mm / 3.31"
Blade Thickness 2.8mm
Blade Steel 154CM
Blade Grind Flat
Blade Finish Black Coated
Blade Style Drop point
Lock Axis Lock / Clutch Lock
Weight 120g
Hardness HRC 60 (+-2)
Clip RH/LH Tip up - deep carry
Handle Material Red Richlite
Product Code V4481C1

Customer Reviews

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Jake Lockwood

I've had my richlite escort for only a week, but it's become a favourite. The action is better than ny two benchmade knives and the 154cm blade is super easy to sharpen and maintain.
The richlite provides adequate grip without tearing your hands during heavy cutting.
And the blade is super utilitarian and great for most cutting tasks.