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Stripes G10 Bead

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This hand machined lanyard bead is crafted out of a unique Black olive and beige layered G10. Perfect match for a micarta knife or anything you want to add a bit of flare to.

  • Hand crafted by a skilled artisan in Australia
  • Made from Layered G10
  • Approx. 11mm tall and 14.5mm wide with a 6mm hole
  • Limited quantity available

Customer Reviews

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Glen Wooten
Stripes G-10 Bead

Nice bead, I had a " Senior moment " when I bought this bead it was bought for my Benchmade Tengu, That has a similar backspace. Unfortunately I failed to notice the Tengu does not have a lanyard hole, I can think of two ways to attach the bead not not to my satisfaction

Thanks for the review Glen! Sorry you couldn't get it attached to you knife. I'm sure you will find a good home for it somewhere :)