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If you're looking for a small flashlight that delivers on function and design, then the RovyVon A2 is a worthy contender. The same compact size as the much loved A1, the A2 is housed in a nice stainless steel body. 

Upgrades the RovyVon team made to this model:

  • Facelifted: New metal button! (to replace silicone button of previous model)
  • USB-C charging 
  • Increased button size (easier operation)
  • Lock mode
  • Magnetic pocket clip
  • Magnetic base (clip on/off)
  • SST-20 or Nichia LED option


  • Two options for LED: SST-20 cool white LED for high output or Nichia 219C for high CRI
  • USB-C fast charges the 300mAh Lipo battery in 1 hour
  • Larger button for better user experience
  • Magnetic two-way pocket clip
  • Magnetic tail base dock
  • IPX6 water-resistant
  • 5 adaptable light modes: Moonlight / Low / Medium / High/ Strobe
  • Double click to get to the mode that you used last time
  • Long press for 5 seconds to lock mode. Do note - this version doesn't have momentary on function.  

    How to use the A2 Keychain Light

    1. Lock: when the light is off, long-press the button for 5 seconds, and the LED will flash twice.
    2. Unlock: when the light is locked, long press the button for 3 seconds, and the LED will flash 3 times.
    3. Turn on: when the light is under unlock status, rapid double click the button to turn on the light from the memorized mode.
    4. Change mode: when the light is turned on, click the button to cycle through moonlight-low-med-high
    5. Active strobe mode: Rapid triple-click, then click again to turn off.
    6. Turn off: press the button 0.5s.

    Includes: 1 User manual, 1 Key ring, 1 Pocket clip, 1 USB cable, 1 Warranty card.

    2 year warranty.


    Lighting modes (SST-20 LED):

    • Moonlight (0.5lm/50 hours),
    • Low (25lm/6 hours),
    • Medium (200lm*/1.5 hours)
    • High (650lm*/1 hour)
    • Note: The medium and high modes will step down to 80 lumens / 100 lumens in 60 seconds.
    • Emergency mode: Strobe
    Length 57mm
    Diameter 15.5mm
    Weight 34g
    Max Output 650 lumens
    Min Output 2 lumens
    Beam Distance 90m
    Impact Resistance 1.5m
    Water Resistance IPX6
    Battery 300 mAh rechargeable LiPo
    Material/Finish Stainless Steel

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