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Mitchell Nero |

We love Knafs’ Lander pocketknife here at Adventure Carry. So do thousands of other Australian knife folks. (Missed that one? You can read about the original Lander HERE).

Well, now the Knafs Lander 2 is on its way to our sunny shores, and we’re excited. If you squint, the design looks a lot like the first version of the Knafs Lander knife, but not only is it a tad bigger, there’s a LOT of other great stuff going on. Let’s take a quick look…

Knafs Lander 1 vs Knafs Lander 2 Comparison Image

Lander 2 - how much bigger?

The overall length of the Lander 2 is 187.9mm, to be precise, and weight is a perfectly reasonable 84.5 grams. The original Lander is a petite 162mm and 68 grams by comparison. So if you passed on the original Lander with a “Nah…it’s just a bit too small for my meaty paws”, the Lander 2 puts more in your hands and might just be more able to take on those bigger tasks you have in mind. Supersized cardboard boxes beware!

Knafs Lander 1 Vs Lander 2 specs comparison

Lander 2 lock – clutch or axis, it’s a freakin’ fidget machine!

If you’re a hardcore fidgeter and liner locks just don’t cut it for you, rejoice – the Lander 2 has a clutch lock, reminiscent of what we’re used to seeing on Benchmade designs. But better? Maybe. The sliding bar clutch lock on the new Lander 2 is easily adjustable to the tension that works for you, simply through repositioning the omega springs. Set it how you like, then snap it open with the thumb studs. Or swing it open and closed using just the lock. Snap! Click! Snap! Enjoy hours of fun! And possibly drive your partner bananas…

Knafs Lander Disassembled - Omega Springs

Super steel? Where do I sign?

The blade on the Lander 2 is a very similar shape to the original model, the same type of grind and a similar finish. But it’s S35VN! If you’ve been around pocketknives for more than, oh, five minutes, you’ll know that S35VN means great toughness, excellent edge retention, a good degree of stainlessness and the ability to take on a crazy sharp edge. Win!

Continuing the Lander tradition of knife tinkering

The icing on the cake for the Lander 2 is that it has been designed, just like its little brother, with a ‘Right to Repair’ philosophy in mind from the very start. That means scales are easily swappable without complete disassembly, or the risk of upsetting the action. Lander 2 scales will also be available as an Open Source file for free, so you are welcome to 3D print or machine a custom set of

your very own. And spare parts for the Lander 2 will be available for purchase, so that lost screws, springs or clips are no longer a drama. This open invitation to tinker, maintain and modify is something that absolutely delights us here at Adventure Carry.

Knafs Lander 2 Exploded View

When is the Lander 2 landing…and how do I land one of my own?

The Lander 2 is due to reach us around mid to late October, and interest in this design is already running high. Keep an eye on our socials for the Lander 2's release in Australia!


A massive thank you to Kym from Copyriot for preparing this excellent write up on the incoming Lander 2.

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