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Incoming: GiantMouse Ace Nazca!

Incoming: GiantMouse Ace Nazca!

Mitchell Nero |

If you're familiar with the designs of Ansø and Vox, you might feel that the latest GiantMouse is a little.. left of field. Well, Is it? GM headquarters theorize that this time around they must have channelled inspiration from ancient aliens. We don't know.

Here is what we do know.

The latest knife from the GiantMouse ACE folder line is the Nazca. The lines on this knife are different, But they're not just for show. That fine tip, paired with the generous belly and tall flat grind give aggressive yet precise cutting performance.
The lines and contours of the handle leave the Nazca well balanced in the hand and give you adequate grip, with the cross-bar lock being perfectly accessible from both sides of the handle. Coming in at 190mm overall length, we believe size has been thoroughly thought out in this design, proving a capable utility tool sized adequately for the big jobs yet precise enough for those frequent small jobs.

GiantMouse ACE Nazca Titanium Australia

Utilising Böhler M390 blade steel, the Nazca offers class leading edge retention and extreme wear resistance, which means less time sharpening, more time cutting.
It's deep carry pocket clip is reversible, and since the lock is accessible from both sides, the Nazca is lefty compatible!

Presented beautifully in either Titanium or Micarta, both featuring a brass backspacer for added awesome.

GiantMouse Nazca Micarta Australia

Appropriately named "The Nazca," in homage to the famous Nazca Lines found in the desert of southern Peru. Were these giant geoglyphs created by extra-terrestrial visitors? The world may never know, we certainly don't. 

The GiantMouse ACE Nazca offers top tier cutting performance, Great ergonomics, dependable (and fidget friendly) cross-bar lock system all wrapped up in a killer aesthetic. A perfect choice for anyone's next EDC

Whilst we could write endless paragraphs on a great knife like this, I think a picture tells a thousand words.

 Nazca Ti GiantMouse Australia

Update! The Nazca has finally arrived! Check it out Here.


Blade Steel: Böhler M390 MICROCLEAN stainless steel. Satin finish.
Handle: Micarta or Titanium
Backspacer: Brass.
Clip: Wire - Reversible.
Liner: AISI 420 Hardened.
Pivot Mechanism: Ball bearings.
Locking Mechanism: Cross-bar lock
Blade Length: 80mm - measured from tip to forward-most aspect of frame
Blade Thickness: 3.5mm
Handle Length: 110mm
Overall Length: 190mm
Weight: 115g

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