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A closer look at the new Kizer 'Lieb'

Kizer Lieb Australia

Mitchell Nero |

The Lieb has been a part of Kizer's line up since mid 2020, but one year on, It's success has given birth to a fresh new Lieb. Akin to its predecessor, the compact design makes this knife a pleasure to use and the modified wharncliffe blade, cut from tried and trusted Bohler N690 steel, gives a good amount of usable blade edge for its overall size. The Lieb brings this lengthy edge together well with its sharp point making this a versatile tool for many tasks, while the generous finger choil on the handle allows for fine control when needed.

There's a couple of key differences with the 2021 update.
Gone are the days of the Liebs washer pivots, the new generation features ultra smooth ball bearing pivots for exceptional blade deployment action, best described as snappy, fast and exceptionally smooth.

Aesthetics have been enhanced - Kizer now offering an all black G10 handle/black hardware variant which showcases a striking dark stonewashed blade, and the Linen micarta variant sporting a satin blade and blue pivot collar, adding a subtle splash of colour and retro flare to your EDC.

Out of the box, the cutting edge is razor sharp. No problems here slicing paper freely and shaving off arm hairs! The build quality and fit/finish is exceptional.

The deep carry pocket clip is a welcome addition to this knife, something that we're seeing more of from Kizer and other knife manufacturers in 2021. This paired with the Liebs striking aesthetics, compact size and clever design at a price point under $100, makes it a hard to beat knife for anyone's daily carry.

you can view the Lieb >Here<

Kizer Lieb AustraliaKizer Lieb Australia

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