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These glow fobs from TEC accessories USA feature certified Embrite™, the brightest phosphorescent glow in the dark (gitd) compound available.

They feature a precision machined, highly protective, lightweight housing which encages the Embrite™ glow pellet. When exposed to sunlight or UV light, the proprietary Embrite™ pellet will glow for hours... the longer the exposure time and the higher the light intensity, the longer and brighter it will glow. Glow times can last as long as 12 hours! This cutting edge technology will outlast and outshine anything on the market. 

Your keys are essential to your everyday routine – make them stand out.

These are compatible with the Embrite Glow Fob Pellets if you want to change your pellet colour.


What you get:

  • (1) A3 Series Embrite™ Glow Fob
  • (1) 11.1 mm [7/16"] diameter split ring
  • (1) Snap clip for attachment to other items
  • Packaged in a foam-lined case

Embrite Glow Fob AustraliaEmbrite Glow Fob Australia

If you want to change the colour of your Glow Fob, you can get am Embrite replacement pellet here

TEC Accessories Australia Embrite Glow Fob Pellet Replacement Australia

Excessorise Me added the aluminium cased Embrite Glow Fob to this very cool blackout keychain list. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Alex Leslie
They weren’t kidding about being bright

These are noticeably better than other cheap glow gadgets I’ve had before. I have the Green and Aqua pellets and they both glowed brightly after 3 minutes in sunlight. At its strongest, the glow is visible even indoors during the day.

One thing to note is that the aqua pellet I got doesn’t really look “white” in daylight, it’s more of a typical greenish “glow in the dark plastic” colour. But the aqua glow colour is the same as shown in the photos.

in the darkness there shines a light

I was looking for something to attach to the zipper pulls on my kit bag, to make them easier to find in the dark. these glow fobs have filled the breif and then some. during testing at home i charged using a tactical light and the resulting glow provided enought light to easily move around the dark rooom. definately recomend.

David O'Keefe
Best rechargeable glow stick I’ve ever seen.

These things are quality- well machined cages with a good split ring and great clip which is actually better than the one pictured (similar to the small McGizmo style clips).
The glow is amazing, so much density for its size and surprisingly bright. I haven’t tested glow duration but initial thoughts are that it’ll also be good.
While these things are expensive, there’s not a lot of quality alternatives (especially readily available in Australia).
Comes in a box, well packaged, befitting the quality of these little gems.
A hand written note came with the prompt delivery of my order which is nice. I think Mitch will do well catering to the EDC niche at this rate.

Mr 2%
Enlightening EDC.

This is such a bright Glow Fob, I sat it outside for no more than three hours and this thing was glowing so bright and for a good amount of time. Its smooth in the hand, looks good and is very light to carry. I will never loss my keys again in the dark.
Thanks again for the super fast service from one side of OZ to the other in a matter of days, well packed and a hand written note to say thanks from AC, you dont get that from any other in the business.
Thanks AC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Alan! These TEC Glow Fobs have been very popular for their powerful illumination. Really cool little things. Thank you for taking your time in leaving a review and for your support!


Leon Poutsma

Light weight, well machined and finished, and the embrite tube holds its glow for a respectable amount of time. For the price this glow fob is hard to beat and a fantastic addition to my edc.

Highly recommend both the glow fob and buying any products from Adventure Carry, the service is fantastic and the fact it only took 3 days for the package of EDC gear I bought from HQ in Sydney to my doorstep in Perth during Covid times is just sensational!

Thank you Leon! The Embrite glow fobs are an excellent accessory. The technology TEC have put into Embrite is truly remarkable and can emit a really decent amount of glow! I am glad you're enjoying it so far.

I truly appreciate your support and your time in leaving your review!