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Spyderco’s ceramic pocket stones are compact, lightweight, and ideal for touching up edges at home or out in the field. It comes with a protective suede carry case that doubles as a non-slip base during use. The perfect addition to your EDC maintenance kit, pack, survival kit, or bug-out bag, it only adds a few ounces of weight to your load and it is easily cleaned with household cleaner, a scouring pad, and water.

High Alumina Ceramic construction. Does not require lubricants such as oil or water for use.

Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

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Sweet Stone

While I have more full size water stones, oil stones, steels etc to sharpen chisels, plane blades and axes. Finding that just right pocket stone to keep handy in your pocket or on the bench/desk, can be tricky. I had a very nice one but a bump off the bench and it was in multipul pieces, I glued it back together and it is ok but looks a bit sad. Multipul, diamond sharpeners and stones just haven't cut it. The Spyderco "fine" I have found is just right to keep that fine edge brushed up. Not rough on the blade, but cuts enough to give a good edge. 126mm long x 25mm wide x 3mm thick, very slender, light, could maybe suffer a snap if you bent over in the wrong direction. If needed it could be cut down to make two smaller stones if required. But hell yes, a great little stone, money well spent. Thanks for the great service Mitch, supper fast as usual. Regards Mark

Hi Mark,

Thank you for a great review of the Spyderco Pocket stone. Sorry to hear about your previous pocket stone. But glad you're finding the Spyderco Pocket Stone to be ideal for your needs. Thank you for your support too!