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RETREEV Compact Retrieval Tool

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The RETREEV Compact Retrieval Tool is our miniature version of the conventional grappling hook. The hottest in trending gear, it's a must-have in your EDC gear bag.  The spikes are conveniently stored in the body until you're ready to use your RETREEV, making this a truly pocket-sized device. Includes a rare earth magnet on the head for magnetic retrieval of metal objects.

Why carry the RETREEV Compact Retrieval Tool?

  • Shake lost items from tree branches, such as model planes or drones
  • Pull items from roof, such as a frisbee or fallen branch
  • Safely gather items that have fallen from a cliff or ledge
  • Pull or lower gear and supplies from higher elevations
  • Retrieve lost items like keys from drains etc
  • Suspend your gear with it

RETREEV Compact Retrieval Tool Features: 

  • Spikes stored in the body until assembled
  • Comes with both aluminum and stainless steel spikes
  • Stainless steel spikes will not bend under normal use
  • Aluminum spikes purposely bend under load for ease of retrieval
  • Replacement spikes available at a low cost 
  • Rare-earth magnet mounted in the head to retrieve ferrous metal objects
  • Weighted to tip tail-up when stationary to make it easier to snag an object
  • Spikes have special "soft-mount" design to reduce risk of getting the unit stuck during use
  • Choose either the standard clear anodized finish or the Special Edition Red/Black anodized finish

What you get:

  • (1) RETREEV Compact Retrieval Tool
  • Set of (3) stainless steel spikes stored inside the body
  • Set of (3) aluminum spikes included (separate vial) 

RETREEV Tool AustraliaRETREEV Tool Australia

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