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Python-QR | Titanium Quick Release

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The Python-QR quick release is a secure, miniature clip interface for items that you want to quickly attach or separate from a connection point. Whether it's attached to your keychain, bag, purse, or simply used to join two pieces of gear, you can rely on the Python-QR to stay attached until YOU are ready to separate them. Manufactured from grade 5 titanium, the locking mechanism relies on a fool-proof connection method that will never accidentally disengage. Don't trust your expensive gear to inferior connectors or clips. Competitors connectors that use magnets, canted springs, or wire gates can separate when unintentional force is applied, losing your keys or damaging expensive equipment.

OPERATION: The Python-QR consists of a male plug and a female receptacle. You simply insert the two pieces together and twist to engage the click-lock. The "wings" on the male plug will snap into the opposing cutouts in the receptacle, and will not separate until you intend to release them. A simple pinch on the opposing "wings" will disengage the two pieces allowing you to separate the clip instantly and securely. No moving parts, nothing to break, nothing to replace. Just a precision-machined mechanism that will never wear out and will never fail.

The connection point is so strong, you can trust even your heaviest gear without worry of accidental separation. Irreplaceable items are just that... irreplaceable. So whether it's heavy or light, expensive or low cost, don't risk losing or damaging your gear:

  • House/office keys
  • Car fobs
  • Keychain tools (flashlights, pry bars, etc.)
  • Pens
  • Camera equipment
  • Water vessels
  • Tools
  • Cell phones

 Python-QR Features: 

  • Manufactured from grade 5 titanium
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Lightweight & easy to operate
  • Ultra compact size
  • Positive locking with NO unintentional release
  • No moving parts

What you get:

  • (1) Python-QR Quick Release assembly
  • (2) Size 9 fine split rings: 13.77 mm OD [.542 in OD]
  • Packaged in a foam-lined case

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