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A collaboration between Kochtools and Kansept has birthed these awesome, mega sized knives!

The Korvid XL Features a Crucible 154CM cleaver blade style with big jimping and a big fuller. Running on bearings, the Blade flicks out effortlessly.

Available in a variety of scale options to suit anyone's taste.

Photo by Kochtools below showing the Korvid XL (green) and Mini Korvid size comparison:


If you are looking for the Mini Korvid you can find it Here


Total Length 222.6mm
Closed Length 132.5mm
Blade Length 90.1mm
Blade Thickness 3.5mm
Blade Steel 154CM
Blade Grind Flat
Blade Finish Stonewash, Black Ti coat or Satin
Blade Edge Plain edge
Blade Style Cleaver
Lock Liner Lock
Weight 237g
Hardness  -
Clip Deep carry RH tip up
Handle Material G10 or Micarta
Product Code


Thanks to Knathan's Knives for this Korvid XL unboxing video! Skip to 4:51 for a comparison with the Mini Korvid. It's a beast! 9:05 for a comparison with the Kizer Sheepdog XL.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Eric Tran
Absolute Beast

Big Beefy Boi knife. Very impressive and feels great in hand. Highly recommended.

Jess Mulcahy
Not Just A Gimmick

While I bought this knife for its unique looks and sheer size, I was blown away last weekend by its actual practical utility.

I went camping in the bush of NE Tassie and this wonderful cleaver did everything I needed a knife to do around the campsite and more. It chopped up vegetables and rolls like it was in a professional kitchen, cut through rope and tape, and then hacked off small branches from an impromptu campfire 'poker'.

And after all of that? Not a scratch on the blade coating, not a warp in the edge, and it was still razor sharp. This is a knife that will serve you amazingly well. It's an absolute showstopper in both form and function.

Hi Jess! Thank you for an insightful and helpful review of your Korvid XL. Wow you really put it to the test! What a wicked knife, definitely one that everyone should consider adding to their collection certainly after your review!

Thanks so much for sharing and I'm glad you're enjoying it!


Marc Davey
Gotta have one!

This closing cleaver rocks! Totally over the top but that’s the idea. Totally useful though. For anyone that collects you need this bad boy. A scale spacer screw fell out of it the first week I had it and Kansept were on the case straight away. Mitch was very helpful too.

Hi Marc,
Thanks for reviewing the Korvid XL. It is a stand out one to add to the collection for sure!


Am I compensating.....

Wow, what a beast. This huge knife is so much fun. The action is smooth and a joy to flick.
The blade edge is thinner than you would expect and makes food prep a joy.
Thank you Mitch for the outstanding service with my purchase. You have great products at awesome prices and the postage was super fast.
I will be back

Hi Bill,
Haha, rest assured, you're not the first one to think that. The Korvid XL is a beast when you hold it in hand in person. Food prep would be a great way to put it to task.
Thank you for much your review and support!


Michael Swain
This is such a fun knife.

I can’t believe these are not Sold Out. If you like knives - just buy one. It’s not that big (photo below might provide some perspective? It’s not much bigger than a CVV Cogent (3rd from left) - and - ‘Tip to Toe’… obviously… it is a Big knife - but the Kizer In-Yan is a hair bigger T to T!) Do you ‘need’ one? Possibly not. But you owe it to yourself to just get one - first flip, you’ll just smile. If not have a giggle :) This thing has character. The action is slllick. It’s edge - razor sharp out of the box. As is the Mini version. Is 154CM ‘Long Term’? Honestly - I don’t know - new to me (The Mini-Sheepdog is too - but I can open the Mini Korvid much easier) - but it really doesn’t matter. This knife (and it’s mini Sibling) just make anybody smile. They’re great. Even my mum smiled :) All the other knives in the picture below are ‘nice’ in one way or another. But the Kansept Korvids are like Bart and Homer Simpson: They’re fun. And at that price? It’s a no-brainer people. The flipping action on both of them really is properly nice. And the XL’s blade is so well weighted, it will literally close by itself one handed - with just a nod. I bought the XL & Mini cos I thought they looked hilarious: didn’t realise they’d be this good! If you like knives and you don’t have at least one of these - you’re missing out. I’ve got some great knives. Honestly didn’t think these would be more than just novelties. But when I bought the Mini, I was so impressed by it that I just had to get the XL: and that impressed me even more. Great job Kansept - I’m a believer. If I have to sharpen them til there’s no blade left it’ll be worth it - they’re so much fun. I might even buy two more - just in case I do! So if you’ve overlooked this knife, for whatever reason, just give it a go. They’ll disappear as soon as people realise how flamin’ cool they are. I’ve got lots of knives that make me smile - but these guys are something else. Love ‘em.
And Mitch - Adventure Carry is something else too mate: you and your team really do do an excellent job - on another level. Your service is astonishing - I’ve barely pressed ‘BUY NOW’ and it’s in the post!??? I’ve not experienced better anywhere else. Superb. Thanks heaps - and best wishes: keep on cranking. And I’ll keep coming back. Outstanding. Cheers, Michael

Hi Michael,
Thank you so much for your in depth review of the Korvid XL! It is a very unique knife and you've nailed all its features on the head. It is a whole different beast.

Thank you as well for your kind words and support! Look forward to serving you again.