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This is the Cormorant V2 which has a patented locking mechanism. Designed by Kizer's Engineer/designer Yue, also known as Doctor_EDC, the Cormorant V2 has multiple opening methods. You can front flip, flipper tab it, spydie flick it with the cutout or use the button lock mechanism. 

Doctor_EDC has put a lot of thought into the Button Lock. He's placed the lock plunge inside the blade to prevent any unintended lock release. The dome shaped lock plunge also allows for a springy feel deploying the knife and control when closing it with the button lock. With S35VN steel (Or the mighty 20CV steel! for the Frag Ti model), this knife not only has great action but performs well on cutting tasks too. 

Overall, this knife has been tuned in well, one of the best budget button locks on the market for sure. 

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Check out this first look video with Neeves Knives


Total Length 187mm
Closed Length (Handle) 105mm
Blade Length 82mm
Blade Thickness 3mm
Blade Steel CPM-S35VN (G10) or 20CV (Ti frag)
Blade Grind hollow
Blade Finish Satin
Blade Style Sheepsfoot
Lock Button Lock
Weight 86g
Clip Tip-Up RH/LH deep carry
Handle Material G10 or TI (Frag model)
Product Code Ki4562 A1 /A2/A3/A4  

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Fidget factor

I wanted a knife with multiple deployment methods, for the fidget factor, and the Cormorant basically has them all! I went with the FRAG Ti version, which in my opinion is the best looking, I'm definitely happy with my selection.

There was an issue with the first one sent, so I contacted Mitch for some support as I'm a knife noob and wanted to be sure what I was experiencing wasn't to be expected. Mitch's customer service was fantastic, suggesting potential fixes before offering to take the knife back for inspection. After inspection, Mitch agreed there was an issue and sent me a replacement that functions as I imagined it should.

I can recommend both the Cormorant as a knife to purchase and Adventure Carry as a business to purchase it from.

Interesting knife

Hmm... Mixed here. Mostly good, and the service was second to none, but... The knife is odd. Clip on my one is slightly misaligned to my eye, but top notch quality for a titanium clip... Flexible like it should be. Button actually came off after a day or two but it's easy enough to fix - pull it apart and some Loctite and it's good to go (thank you Mitchell for the help with this one too). The grenade pattern is cool but it is also slightly misaligned... However...

Awesome knife regardless of its flaws. It's a really good functional tool (even for it's price and competition at this price) more than a work of art and I really do consider it this way. It's a real fidget machine and, in spite of those flaws, I play with it all the time. The different flip actions are super fun to play with, blade is great for cutting boxes etc, and a top quality grind/steel, and it feels really good in the hand with that bit in front of the handle on the top of the blade (whatever it's called... I'm a tactile guy, not a knife nerd, so take this with a grain of salt). Really like the knife and don't regret it, and has quickly become a favourite of mine.

I recommend it!

Michael C
Titanium Cormorant is Excellent

Didn't particularly care for any of the white & black G10 versions, but the Frag Ti version is excellent.
Great steel and grind with multiple opening options and the frag titanium feels great in the hand.
Very pleased that Adventure Carry persevered in getting it in stock and at a very good price.
Thanks Mitch also for excellent service.

Happy boy

Very happy with both my XX pattern and Ti Frag. The Ti frag especially had excellent action out of the box. It should be mentioned that while the XX pattern has the original look of the cormorant V1, it is the V2 version. Very happy with Adventure carry, as they seem to get in very interesting stuff that no one else in Australia seems to stock. Ordered the Ti frag the day it was posted on the site and it was sold out by the next morning. Definitely a site to check regularly.

Something for everyone

Great knife, comfortable in the hand, blade centred and insanely sharp out of the box.
Love how many ways for you to deploy the blade, extremely fidget friendly!
Detent was a little firm but its breaking in nicely and is getting only better to use.
I opted for the symbols on the scales as I'm a playstation fan as well, so was nice to combine two passions.
As always the service from Mitch is exceptional and I can not recommend Adventure Carry highly enough, truly a great shop.