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True innovation occurs when design and function forge a new path forward – one that cannot be ignored. This is the legacy of the iconic REO Motor Car Company and “REO Town” in Lansing, Michigan. Founded by Ransom E. Olds in 1904, the REO Motor Car Company is celebrated for trendsetting designs that were a precedent for true automotive streamlining in the American market.

REO Town is a stone’s throw from GiantMouse’s new Michigan headquarters. It has quickly become a favorite destination of the GiantMouse founders for its dive bars, craft brewery, “Good Trucking Diner,” and eclectic retail shops.

Inspired by the thriving spirit and creativity of REO Town, the GiantMouse ACE REO is a fusion of ultramodern design and industrial heritage. Designed by renowned Danish knife makers Jesper Voxnaes and Jens Ansø, the ACE REO is more than just a cutting-edge tool. It's a testament to design excellence, embodying the same level of quality, attention to detail, and innovation that defined early automotive pioneers. Its aesthetic appeal lies in its clean lines and meticulous finishing, which mirror the streamlined vehicles manufactured by the REO Motor Car Company.

The ACE REO boasts a blade crafted from CPM MagnaCut steel, ensuring a perfect blend of sharpness and durability. Its lightweight yet robust canvas Micarta or G10 handles with “diamond plate” milling provide an impeccable grip making it an ideal choice for any application, from outdoor adventures to everyday carry.

Whether you're a discerning knife enthusiast, focused on utility, or just someone who appreciates fine design, the ACE REO is sure to impress. A tool for tasks, a companion for exploration, and a tribute to true innovation – the GiantMouse ACE REO is a masterpiece you'll be proud to carry as you forge onward.

Blade Steel: CPM Magnacut.
Clip: Wire - Reversible.
Pivot Mechanism: Ball bearings.
Locking Mechanism: Liner lock.
Backspacer: Titanium. (Brass on green micarta model)

    Blade Length: 3.325in (84.45mm) - measured from tip to forward-most aspect of frame
    Blade Thickness: 0.125in (3.175 mm)
    Handle Length: 4.6175 (117.28mm)
    Overall Length: 7.94 (201.67mm)
    Weight: 2.9 oz (84g)

    Manufactured to exacting quality standards in Maniago, Italy 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews

    Lightweight. Killer deploy and the flat ground/low profile blade is just great for edc and processing cardboard or cutting up food. I don’t love the diamond design in the handles micarta but you could buff that out if you want

    GM ACE Reo A+ Service

    My first Giantmouse, very impressed.
    Perfect size (not too big or small) for EDC carry. Great fit & finish. Razor sharp.
    Excellent service from Adventure Carry, well packaged, fast & free express shipping.

    Kyle Owen
    Very good price for the package

    Initial impressions - Blade shape & detent - very pleasing. Full flat grind IMO ideal for most pocket knives. Wire clip - great! And Magnacut, can't beat this price for what seems to be a truly revolutionary CPM steel.

    As for the handle, it's practical / well thought out, but don't love the profile. Not a fan of how it tapers, but I heard they did that so it stays out of the way when in the pocket, which it does, so they smashed that + it is very practical - Just not my thing. Cut-out for the liner lock is perfect though, very natural feeling and easy to disengage from locked. As for the micarta... I wish was more OD green like my Jutland, and not blasted into that diamond pattern. Just feels cheap and gimmicky. Sorry GM, I'm a fan, just not of the micarta job on this one. I might buff the diamonds down to flat - micarta just doesn't need extra grip on a pocket knife IMO.

    Love the brass too. So much to love about this knife! Giant Mouse really are very good. But I would change a couple things. Maybe cross the biblio handle & the Reo blade!

    Solid work horse

    Big fan of Giantmouse, the Reo is just a great tool! Its light and it’s slim profile make it a very easy to carry. My first Magnacut blade and it’s very impressive.

    Thanks Mitch for fantastic service.