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As always, Ansø and Vox designed the GMF4 with utility in mind. Combining their collective outdoor experience and design knowledge, our Danish designers have created the ultimate camp knife.

As soon as you get the GMF4 in hand, you'll feel as though you are one with the knife.  It becomes a working tool extension to your arm, ready to tackle any chore around the campsite. The ergonomics of the handle and balanced weight of the knife were designed to perfection through several iterations with our manufacturing partner in Italy. The blade in N690 steel sports a high flat saber grind, with jimping in all the right places as you've come to expect from Vox and Ansø. Finally, a lanyard hole is strategically placed in front of the handle to provide a safer grip when working in the bushes. In the instance a branch catches on your lanyard, the knife will be pulled forward out of your hand, whilst a classic mounted end lanyard would be pulled through your hand (ouch!).

Did we mention the sheath? Each GMF4 is accompanied by a beautifully designed and hand-crafted Italian leather sheath.

Are you ready for your next adventure?


Blade Steel: Bohler N690 Cobalt high performance steel.
Handle: Canvas Micarta.
Sheath: Burgundy Leather (Red Micarta variant) -
Black Leather (Black Micarta Variant)

    Blade Length: 5.65" (144mm)
    Blade Thickness: 0.192" (4.87mm)
    Handle Length: 4.78" (122mm)
    Overall Length: 10.45" (266mm)
    Weight: 8.1 oz (230g)

    Manufactured to exacting quality standards in Maniago, Italy

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    Rogan Josh
    The awesome Giant Mouse GMF4

    The Giant Mouse GMF4 fixed blade is a testament to craftsmanship and functionality. Crafted with precision and elegance, its design showcases a thoughtful collaboration of renowned designers. Its robust Bohler N690 blade promises durability and precision, making it ideal for various outdoor activities. The Canvas Micarta handle provides a secure grip, and the overall design exudes rugged elegance. The attention to detail, from the blade's sharpness to the ergonomic handle, showcases a commitment to quality. Whether you're a wilderness enthusiast or simply appreciate a dependable fixed blade, the GMF4 stands out as a reliable and well-crafted tool.