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MK2 Bit Driver

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Need the perfect tool to maintain your EDC knives and other equipment? Look no further then the MK2 Bit Driver. The MK2 Bit Driver is hand made in Canada by Griffin co. and is built tough, with quality materials and expert craftsmanship.


  • The MK2 driver holds three bits internally.
  • A heavy frag pattern for a comfortable grip.
  • Magnetic cap holds the bits in place.
  • Bearing on top for comfort of use.
  • Includes certificate of authenticity, signed and dated.


  • 19.05mm diameter
  • 95.25mm long

Wiha bits included:

  • T6, T7, T8 and T9

Customer Reviews

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Want a bit driver, but want to screw in style? This is the one to get.

The satin titanium is gorgeous. The perfect milling, strong magnets, the frag pattern and design is stunning. This is as much a work of art as it is a tool. The internal storage adds to its function and cool factor. The bearing action on the rotating cap is smooth and uniform, which makes using it comfortable and allows for very precise turns. This is great if you like tuning the action on your knives to be just perfect. Just a word of caution, the cap will fall off if you drop it, so be careful not to lose it. Also, who uses T7 and T9 (included)? Not me, that's for sure. I'd much rather it ship with T6, T8, T10 and perhaps a flathead. But it's a non-issue; this deep into the hobby you'd probably have a bunch of bits lying around, anyway.

Does anyone actually need a >AUD$200 bit driver? Is it "worth" this amount of money? Not really; a $30 Wiha stubby will do the job for you. But MAN it's cool to have.

If the Mandalorian came to earth to buy a bit driver, this is the one he'd buy. I've had it for around a week and I have developed uncontrollable urges to dismantle things for the sake of it.

Also, big shoutout to the AdventureCarry team for shipping this out almost immediately. It's a gesture that shoppers really appreciate.