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C-19 Drop Bear Morale Patch

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Limited Edition Covid-19 Drop Bear Morale patch by Halfbreed Blades. Fully equipped tactical drop bear armed with face mask and at some point, very scarce toilet roll! 

Soft PVC with Velcro hook backing.

Measures approx. 89mm x 89mm

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Mr 2%
2021-22-23-24-25+ in a nutshell.

This little velcro patch sums up the last few years with its mask, bog roll, bug out vest and weapons. I cant read Chinese writing but I would love to know what the tattoo says on its leg? Maybe its the Wuhan slogan for next years flu??
As the norm from AC they had it shipped from east to west within the week, 10/10 for service and efficacy!!!
See you again in the near future.

Thanks so much for your review Mr 2%! Glad you're enjoying the C-19 patch! Really sums everything up perfectly. The tatt is Halfbreed Blades logo!
Thank you for your amazing support!