GiantMouse Knives in Australia!

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GiantMouse Knives in Australia!

Since starting Adventure Carry, GiantMouse has always been at the top of my list of brands that I've wanted to bring in to Australia. I'm very proud to be announcing Adventure Carry's first drop of GiantMouse knives in Australia will be going live on Tuesday, 28 Dec 2021, 7pm AEDT. 

Jens Ansø and Jesper Voxnaes (Vox) (both renowned designers in their own right), have come together to create some beautiful knives that have made GiantMouse the highly reputable brand they are known for amongst the EDC community.

ACE Biblio Australia
GiantMouse Ace Biblio - Green Micarta

Each phase of production is performed in VERY close cooperation with the two designers, who meet regularly with their production partners, and have full control over all design decisions, materials, finishes, etc. The “go-forward” on production is given only after Jens and Jesper have performed an exhaustive review and testing of prototypes, ensuring that the end result will be a knife they will carry and use themselves.

GiantMouse Ace Riv Brass Australia
GiantMouse ACE Riv - Brass

In our first drop, we have brought in a range of knives from GiantMouse's ACE range including the ACE Biblio, ACE Riv, ACE Clyde, ACE Nimbus and the GMF1 - the GiantMouse fixed blade. 

GiantMouse ACE Biblio
ACE Biblio - Image courtesy of Imminent Threat Solutions

The ACE Grand will be coming in with our next drop and we can't wait. If you have a GiantMouse knife that you have your eye on and would like in particular feel free to drop me an email at

All GiantMouse products sold by Adventure Carry are stocked in Australia and are fully backed by warranty.

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