Vero Axon Gen4


Axon & Axon Mini

SOG Multi-Tools

KPL Dry Film™

The latest in knife lubrication technology.

DRY FILM™ goes on as a liquid, but quickly flashes off to leave behind a 100% dry fluorinated layer. Unlike competing products, Dry Film has no liquid or waxy components to attract dust or lint.

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Matsey Striga V2

Now in it's second release, the new V2 Striga features some small updates to improve over the V1, whilst not loosing the Striga charm that saw it become such a success originally.

The Striga V2 is a functional, compact EDC knife produced by one of the worlds leading knife OEMs.

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Tactile Turn

It Just Feels Right

Some things are just better when they're made better. Tactile Turn has been around for near a decade and produces some of the finest pens, machined in Dallas, Texas.

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Urban EDC - Micro Shrike

Jared Price Design

When Urban EDC teams up with some of the best makers and designers in the industry, magic happens. Micro Shrikes are available to purchase now.

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